101 Internet Traffic Generation Strategies - Part 1

Traffic Generating IdeasJust because you build a website does not mean traffic will come. I found that out the hard way. Over the past several years I have tried many ideas. Some winners and some big losers. I have compiled a list of 101 ideas that have helped generate internet traffic to my websites.

This is part 1 of a series of 4 that will outline 25 of 101 tips that have generated me traffic throughout the years. Throughout the month I will talk about several of these ideas in more detail, so don't worry if some of my tips don't make much sense right now. 

Try not to be overwelmed by everything, but incorporate these tips slowly. As your blog or website grows it will be important to outsouce many of your tasks where it makes sense.

Internet Traffic Generation and Blog Optimization takes work, so I hope my first 25 tips will be of help.

  Blog Optimization and Traffic Generation Tips

  1. Pay per click - stick with google, msn and yahoo.
  2. Social bookmarking. I have had a lot of success from this. It can give your blog or website a lot of exposure. Note I said website, you don't have to have a blog to social bookmark your pages. If you don't know much about social bookmarking, check out Tag and Ping by Sean Wu.
  3. Link Directories - creating links back to your website is a must and I still add my sites to link directories all the time.
  4. Submitting a press release gives you now only exposure, but if you do it right nice one way links back to your website.
  5. Syndicate Videos. This is a great way to create viral traffic.
  6. Website on Business cards. Not all marketing should be done online. I have have a whole article devoted to this.
  7. Reciprocal linking with relevant sites. Even though google has devalued reciprocal links they should not be ignored. If the site is relevant and gets good traffic some of it may come your way. I have several links created this way that draws me traffic.
  8. Submit your site to DMOZ. It can litterally takes years to get listed, so you should start early after you have a couple months of content.
  9. Use pictures in your posts. When google or yahoo find them they will index them give your site another place to draw traffic from.
  10. Claim your blog in Technorati. If you have a blog this is a must.
  11. Add relevant answers to answers.yahoo.com. If you have a good content site you can put a reference to your article in the resource box when you answer a question. I get nice traffic whenever I do this from yahoo. Don't spam, be helpful, you should be trying to genuinely help people. 
  12. Create a google sitemap. I install XML sitemaps (http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/) and check out the unlimited sitemap version. For only $19.99 its a great deal.  
  13. If you blog is setup to automatically ping your site when new articles are added, keep your ping list up to date. I will publish my ping list in a seperate article or send it out in my newsletter.
  14. Check out www.blogcarnival.com. Submit religiously to relevant carnivals.
  15. Use h1, h2 and h3 title tags. This is standard SEO, but important to help your article rankings. If you can break up your articles and give your keywords a title tag. 
  16. Bold, highlight or italicize your keywords. Don't overdue this as it will be too spammy. Trying starting a section in your article with a highlighted keyword. Rumor has it that some search engines are starting to pick up on highlighted words in order to determine a pages relevance.  
  17. Submit articles to Ezinearticles.com. Make sure your bio includes a link back to your site and that link is an anchored keyword (i.e. parenting, parenting tips, dog collers, cat care, etc). 
  18. Free Contests -  Can you offer something for free to giveaway? People are always looking for free things. Make sure it is specific to your niche.
  19. Do reviews of websites in your niche and maybe even give away special awards.
  20. Setup a profile in Aboutus.org and create anchored text links back to relevant part of your site.
  21. Join Myspace and join relevant communities. Make comments to those communities on a regular basis and request friends. Don't forget to have link back to your website form your profile.
  22. Join your local better business bureau or chamber of commerce to help gain offline exposure.
  23. Make sure comments are turned on. This is a great way to get free content. If you do this make sure you have spam software on your site. For wordpress I use akismet and review all my comments that are not flagged as spam.
  24. Build articles around long tail keywords. While it may be hard to rank on a keyword such as "parenting", getting ranked on a keyword phrase such as "getting kids to listen" is a lot easier. Most of my traffic comes from long tail keywords, and I am not complaining.
  25. Create and promote fresh, unique, content rich articles. This is the food of search engines and when promoted properly will be picked up readily and ranked by the search engines. If you are not a writer, consider using a service such as Need An Article for very reasonably priced unique articles search engines love.

Thats it for now. I hope this list will help out. My next several articles will talk about some of these topics in more detail and next month I will present my next series of Internet Marketing and Blog Optimization tips, 26 through 50.  

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April 25, 2008

Nesher @ 4:51 pm

Thank you very much for the article submission to the Bringing more traffic to your blog - April 25, 2008 - 4th Ed. Blog Carnival. The carnival edition has been published:

Have a good weekend!

April 27, 2008

Jim @ 5:53 pm

This is a very good article. I can't wait to see the rest of the tips. I am just getting started online and am also working on some content for another website that I am working on. This will be very helpful.

April 29, 2008

Tee @ 1:07 am

I really like all the advice you list in this blog. I added you to my Google Reader. I look forward to next series of Internet Marketing and Blog Optimization tips, 26 through 50.
I would like to here more about http://www.blogcarnival.com & aboutus.org

April 30, 2008

Kaye @ 2:11 pm

Wow…these are great suggestions. I've looking to increase my blog traffic and this is awesome! Thanks for all of the tips!

May 5, 2008

AnneMarie Callan @ 1:19 am

This is an excellent article - 101 traffic strategies and I am looking forward to seeing what is going to come in Part 2.

Kudos to you for putting this together.


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