Monetizing with Google Adsense

money does not grow on trees, but Google Adsense can help make money from your blogCan you really make money with google Adsense? Lately I have been bombarded with so called programs on how to make money with Adsense. In a nutshell the majority of them are advocating have dozens if not hundreds of sites each making a little money a day. Well that does add up but it sounds like blog spam to me. And who has the time to create and maintain all those sites?

I guess if all you are about is making a quick buck and not caring for the quality of your sites that might be the path for you. For those that know me, you know that I care about the quality of my sites and that I care about helping people. My websites are a reflection of who I am. So if you are just interested in making a quick buck this is not the place to come to.

With that said, what is my philosophy for Adsense? And can you really make more than a few cents a day? My philosophy is that Adsense should be a part of your monetization strategy and not something you completely depend on. One should have multiple streams of income so that when one starts to dwindle another one will fill in the gaps. To answer the second question. Yes you can make money with Adsense, and here are some strategies.

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Making Money with Affiliate Programs

Coupon Websites are a great way to offer your readers the latest deals. Click here to find out more...It’s a tough economy and it looks like it’s going to get worse before it gets any better.  If you have a website you have more than likely seen affiliate sales dwindle unless you are in a very specialized niche. However people are still spending money, but they are spending it more wisely and looking for good deals. Here is an option to help people out by giving them what they are looking for at the lowest possible prices.

If you search on the internet for coupon websites you will find many of them out there. How are they making money? By offering the latest coupons and deals from popular stores such as Walmart, Best Buy, Etoys and many others.
First, if you have not already joined an affiliate network, you should check out popular ones such as CJ, Linkshare, ShareaSale and Google There are many others and one of my future articles will list the most popular ones and some not so well known. However, these four should give one a good start.
Next, start thinking about your niche. Who are the people that visit your website? Dig into your stats and find what keywords people are finding your site with. Then do some product research and find affiliate programs to join. Many stores let you display particular products.

7 keys to affiliate success

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What Makes a Successful Internet Entrepreneur?

Colin featured in Revenue Magazine

When I think of a successful internet Entrepreneur, I think of my friend Colin McDougall. I remember first hearning him speak about a year and a half ago at an Internet Conference. He was not planning to speak but was coaxed into talking about how he was making over 5 figures a month on his website Even though he stuttered and stammered a bit on his first public appearence, I listened like a hawk because I knew this 'guy' was for real and not trying to sell me something like a lot of the other speakers.

While he has moved on, grown and learned a lot since then, one thing has not changed. He is dedicated to creating a 'real' business on the internet. No smoke and mirrors. Colin is one of the most down to earth people I know and he has recently started a small club to help people learn how to make and create a real business on the internet. 

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Link Building With Blog Carnivals

building links with blog carnivalsBlog carnivals are a great and easy way to gain exposure and back links for your blog. I hope everyone has read my article 101 traffic building strategies. Once a month I will post new strategies for the next 3 months until we reach a total of 101 traffic generating tips. What I am going to discuss a little tonight is one of my favorite linking strategies. I strongly urge not to rely on one or two strategies, but as many as possible. When starting any link building campaign it is also important to think about your niche and who your target market is. I would prioritize getting links from niche related sites way before general sites. Why? The answer is simple: it will help your traffic will be more targeted. Plus, blog carnivals are easy enough so that every new blogger can get started with right away. There is no excuse not to start right now!

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Getting Targeted Visitors with Social Bookmarking

social-media.jpgEveryone who has a website or blog should know about social media/bookmarking sites by now. If you don’t, it’s a great traffic generating opportunity you are missing. Many people submit to sites like propeller, digg and stumbleupon. Getting on the top page of these sites can generate some great traffic, however, it may not necessarily bring you the conversions that you want, and in the end you may be disappointed and stop social bookmarking all together. I have unfortunately known several people who have. That is why much attention here at is not just on getting traffic, thats easy, but targeted traffic. With that said, Social Bookmarking is a stategy that needs to stay in every internet marketers and bloggers toolkit.

Think about why it is important to social bookmark your posts.

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Optimizing Your Blog Post in 7 Steps for Better Search Engine Results

girl surfing the internet - write first for your readerWhen creating a post or article, there is a delicate balance between writing for our readers and writing for search engines. In the end we want to have the reader gain useful information from our article, stick around for a while, and ultimately return. However, we must also be cognizant or aware, that in order for people to find our blog articles, search engines must be able to index and categorize our posts. The best advice I can give is to write first for your reader, then for the search engines. Here are a few basic steps for optimizing a blog post. 

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Wordpress Blog Optimization Tip of the Week – WP Cache

wordpress optimization tipFirst of all, I should tell you, most of my sites are on my own server along with some of my friends sites. About 6 or 7 months ago our server was grinding to a slow crawl. Between me and the server administrator, we tweaked out all the PHP, Apache, and MYSQL settings we could think of. This worked for a while, but getting to top pages on places such as propeller or slashdot, and getting massive Stumbles, started to bring our server and blogs to a crawl again. I was determined to find a solution without having to throw more memory at the server. Here is what I found…

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Claiming Your Blog in Technorati

First of all, why should you claim your blog in Technorati? Technorati is a recognized leader in blogs and blog searches. Having your blog in Technorati, and your articles picked up, will help increase your exposure in the blogsphere. Technorati claims to have over 112 million blogs listed. That is why it is important to make sure your blog is in Technorati and claimed. "Claiming" is nothing more than proving to Technorati that you "own" your blog.


The video tutorial above shows two methods for claiming your blog, one is the quick claim method and the other is the post claim method. Claiming your blog in Technorati is an important first step to blog optimization and marketing.


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Link Baiting Tips and Practices

Link baiting is a lot like fishing...I really don’t like the term Link Baiting as it makes it look like you are trying to do something deceptive. This is not necessarily the case. I think of linkbaiting as more like fishing. One puts out good quality content or information and then see what you will catch. For those new to online marketing, the main purpose of link baiting is to have other websites want to link to your site or page. Good link baiting provides information or a product that will make your visitor want to come to your site, stick around, and ultimately return.

I just want to take a moment and stress I only advocate whitehat techniques. In the wrong hands, linkbaiting can be used to draw someone to what I call a spam website, or a website which is only out to create a quick buck. That is not what I am about or most of the people I know. It is important to create a quality website that will stand the test of time and deliver true value to the visitor.

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Making Your Internet Business Successful

Do you have what it takes to succeed in Internet Marketing?In order to be successful on the internet, one needs to treat their Internet business as a business. So what do I mean by making or treating your Internet business as a business? Most people are drawn to the Internet buy dreams of throwing up a website, having tons of visitors, and making a lot of money quickly. Well there are those lucky few, and I still envy them. However, for the majority of us it takes a lot of work to be successful, and that is why a lot of people fail. They hop from one idea to another, and then they wonder why they are not making any money or losing money. I suggest treat your Internet endeavors as a business.

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